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Stephan Vincent and Rodd Wagner Talk About the Employee Experience

What’s wrong with calling employees a company’s greatest asset? How is reciprocity at the heart of the contract between employers and employees? What are the 12 aspects most important to unleashing employee performance? And what is the future of happiness on the job?

I recently joined eX Podcast host Stephan Vincent to talk about these topics. Stephan and I met when we both spoke last fall at the eX Summit in the Twin Cities. The conversation continued during a group dinner that evening and continued further during our interview, which is now available here:

Our conversation was wide-ranging, from companies getting the engagement they deserve to the symbolism of Maine lobster. Among the cool aspects of Stephan’s podcast is that he takes the tools and perspectives traditionally used for keeping customers connected and imagines them deployed for the benefit of employees. In these days when too many leaders blame the employees if they’re not sufficiently “engaged,” an “employee experience” view is fresh air.

I recommend you not only catch this latest episode, but subscribe to the whole podcast.


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