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The 12 New Rules for Managing Your Employees As If
They're Real People

“Get Me Out of This Bucket!”

There’s a trap waiting behind traditional employee engagement surveys.

The moment the worker hits “Submit,” she’s destined to be dropped into a bucket. She’ll be stereotyped. Her motivations will be assumed. She may be vilified. If she lands in the wrong bucket, she could be targeted for firing.

All because she answered honestly to the survey, and the people behind the survey or at her company misused the information.

It’s time to stop pouring people into buckets. If the practice continues, more and more employees will lie on the surveys, as they should in those situations, and most employee surveys will become a waste of time and money. … Read More

Quiet Praise to Keep Employees Captive?

There are a lot of dumb ideas about employee engagement floating around out there. Most are not worth mentioning. This one is just dumb enough I feel compelled to share it. I’ll leave out which company cooked it up so they can destroy whatever copies they have left.

Here’s the passage that caught my attention:

Let’s follow the logic:

“I’d like to recognize you for your great work, but I’m just going to do it internally, because I don’t want someone finding out how good you are and coming to you with what might be a better job. After all, it’s not really about what you want; it’s about what I want from you.”

One of the best gauges of whether an engagement strategy is sound is whether you could share it with a straight face with your employees. Anyone who thought the document excerpted here was part of his manager’s playbook would get out as soon as she could. As she should.

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