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The 12 New Rules for Managing Your Employees As If
They're Real People

The Doughnut Dilemma: What the Office Pastry Teaches About Behavioral Economics


Happy National Doughnut Day! You’d be healthier if you didn’t eat one, but for deep evolutionary reasons, your brain is wired to make you eat it anyway. There’s a lesson in that.

In my latest Forbes column, I look at the simplest example of behavioral economics and discuss briefly the implications for leading. The lesson for leaders and front-line managers is to build their employee value propositions around, not against, human nature.

The Last Slice of ‘Swiss Cheese': How Company Culture Saves Lives or Gets People Killed


A bit of a personal note on my latest Forbes column, if I might. I worked briefly for IBM on a loading dock. As a reporter for The Salt Lake Tribune, I covered way too many (one is too many) workplace fatalities. One of my best friends from childhood died six summers ago in a logging accident. There are few things in the field of employee research about which I feel more passionately than worker safety. This is why I wrote today’s column on the current evidence connecting morale with those sometimes split-second realizations and decisions that save a life. More than usual, I hope the piece proves useful.

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